Architect & Design Office

Build healthy buildings,
low-carbon and 0-waste

Choose the best products

Design your buildings as “material banks” by comparing and selecting healthy, circular and low-carbon products with the Upcyclea Library (free access)

Find reusable products more easily

Consult a search engine that concentrates all available products and materials, thanks to the Noah service of myUpcyclea®.

Design healthy, low-carbon, circular buildings

Measure the carbon, health and environmental impacts of your projects, thanks to the Circular Signature® of myUpcyclea®.

Deliver "Circular Ready" buildings to your customers

Deliver to your customers the digital bank of their buildings, which will allow them to manage their resources in a circular way, thanks to the DECARBONIZATION formula of myUpcyclea®.

Select the best circular products for your projects

Thanks to the Upcyclea Library of thousands of Circular Passports® rated by our experts, you can compare and choose the products and materials best suited to the environmental and health requirements of your projects

Moteur du réemploi

All the reuse in one place!

myUpcyclea® helps you easily find the reusable products and materials – in-situ and ex-situ – that best meet your needs

Access thousands of reusable products (from disposal, reconditioning or destocking) offered by marketplaces and storage partners, through the Noah® service of myUpcyclea®.

Calculate the Circular Signature® of your projects

Thanks to the Circular Signature®, measure the environmental impact of your buildings, based on the products/materials that make them up

Make different hypotheses, make simulations and compare the results obtained according to the products and materials to help you in your choices

Get information on the carbon footprint*, the degree of non-toxicity, the degree of circularity, the rate of re-use, the degree of dismantlability and the residual value of the building, to better meet your clients’ specifications

* Production footprint, embodied carbon and RE2020/ICconstruction

The Circular Signature® certificate and the digital bank of building materials

Upon delivery, Upcyclea delivers the “as-built” certificate of the Circular Signature® of the building, free of charge, in order to certify the environmental quality of the project to your client

The simultaneous delivery of the myUpcyclea® digital bank of the building, will allow the client to manage future used resources in a circular economy, so that they never become waste