Digital Bank
of Materials

banque digitale de matériaux

Put the Big Data
to the service of your projects

The implementation of a circular economy approach requires first and foremost the knowledge and management of the hundreds of thousands of products and materials used in the buildings of your portfolio

myUpcyclea® allows you to easily model all these product and material deposits in the form of a Digital Bank

With this digital bank of your building, you can:

  • Control the health and environmental impacts of the products and materials used in your new projects or renovations
  • Manage all its resources in a circular economy in the operational phase
  • Anticipate its deconstruction so that its resources never become waste
  • Facilitate reuse on your territory

Control the health & environmental impacts of the products used

Environmental constraints are becoming more and more stringent. Only by choosing the most environmentally friendly building materials will you be able to achieve your ecological goals

With myUpcyclea®, you have access to all the information you need to compare and make the best choice of eco-friendly products. You can thus calculate the global impact of your buildings

from all the information collected,

calculate the performance of your project

Consult and manage your deposits via a single tool

Manage your resources in the circular economy with myUpcyclea® :
  • List and manage your products/materials in the Digital Bank of Materials
  • At the end of use, choose the reuse or upcycling ecosystems among the proposed scenarios
  • Trace your ecosystems and measure their economic and environmental impacts
  • Declare your reuse needs and access partner platforms to maximize reuse and gradually decarbonize your real estate

from all the information collected,

build reuse/upcycle ecosystems

Simply share information about your deposits over an entire territory

Facilitate the reuse process with your partners, by giving them access to your deposits.

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