Do you make healthy, circular products?
Let your customers know!

Prove the environmental and circular performance of your products

Do you want to demonstrate the environmental performance of your products?

Like more than 600 manufacturers, declare the Circular Passports® of your products for free in the Upcyclea Bookstore, and ask for their ratings by our experts!

Differentiate yourself and gain visibility with the Upcyclea Bookstore

Publish your passports in the Upcyclea Bookstore, and manage them as you wish in a dedicated space

The Bookstore is referenced by the Union Social pour l’Habitat and is consulted, every day, by dozens of users who are looking for healthy and circular products

Meet the new expectations of purchasing departments

Respond to the new decarbonization and used product recovery strategies deployed by real estate companies and landlords by publishing your Circular Passports®.

Training and publication in the Bookstore are free

The new generation of Ibis hotel rooms is based on healthy, removable, circular products. Accor's purchasing department asks all of its manufacturers to produce circular passports, scored by Upcyclea, to enable this."

Naffie KANTE

Design and Construction Project Manager

5 criteria to demonstrate the environmental qualities of your products

Publish the Circular Passports® of your products for free in the Upcyclea Bookstore

If you wish, from 29 € per month, ask our experts for their ratings, according to 5 environmental criteria (Non-Toxicity, Circularity, Energy & Carbon, Water Management and Social)

Nearly 10,000 passports available in the Upcyclea Bookstore

Join the hundreds of manufacturers who publish and manage Circular Passports® for their products in the Upcyclea

The bookstore is freely accessible online and offers an advanced search engine to facilitate its use

The library includes all the EHDS and PEP of the Iniès database, and allows the myUpcyclea® system to calculate the Circular Signature® of a building, including the ICcomponent and ICconstruction indicators of the RE2020

Participate in the deployment of circular buildings "material banks

The information contained in the Circular Passport® is used by the myUpcyclea® system  to calculate the Circular Signature®  of a building

The Circular Signature    measures the CO2 footprint, the level of health, the degree of circularity and the share of reused, recycled and biobased products of a building or a real estate portfolio, based on the products that constitute it

It also calculates the economic residual value of a building, based on the income recoverable from the sale of used products or materials

As such, the Circular Passport®is the cornerstone of the circular economy

We transform the world together

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