Developer & Project Manager

Deliver “Circular Ready” buildings
while controlling your costs

Differentiate yourself to win consultations

Deliver “material bank” buildings to meet consultations requiring low-carbon and circular buildings, thanks to the ECO-CONCEPTION formula of myUpcyclea®.

Find all the reuse in the SAME place

Maximize in-situ and ex-situ reuse on your projects, thanks to the REEMPLOYMENT formula of myUpcyclea®.

Compare and choose the best products

Select healthy and circular products, thanks to the LIBRARY of thousands of Circular Passports® rated by Upcyclea experts

Get your PCs more easily

Easily calculate the carbon footprint and the reuse rate of the project, thanks to the CIRCULAR SIGNATURE of myUpcyclea®.

We are on the learning curve of the digital data automation process, and Upcyclea is helping us capture product and material data, and manage buildings designed as material banks.


President of EIG & Chief Innovation Officer of Grupo Construcía

Don't deliver disposable buildings

It’s time to differentiate yourself and design all your real estate projects as “digital material banks” delivered with their “Circular Signatures®”.

Put an end to " green washing  

Demonstrate the environmental quality of your projects by presenting, upon delivery, their Circular Signature Certificates® (as built)

Make conscious choices of products and materials on your projects

Thanks to the Upcyclea library of products and materials rated by our experts (free access), you can control the environmental and circular performance of your buildings’ components

You control the quality of your projects, from design to delivery

In-situ, Ex-situ: all reuse in one place

In addition to allowing the digitization of EWP diagnostics and automatically establishing the correspondence between needs and in-situ deposits, myUpcyclea® offers the Noah® portal, which centralizes the deposits of reusable products ex-situ, offered by marketplaces and partner resourceries 

You will be able to consult the availability and the nature of thousands of products resulting from removal, reconditioning or destocking to maximize  and measure the reuse on all your projects

We transform the world together