The urban mine of reuse

Join dozens of real estate owners, architects, general contractors and manufacturers
to maximise reuse in your projects, by sharing your Pre Demolition Audits,
and by declaring needs to receive reuse or upcycling bids

What’s the link between urban mining and decarbonisation?

If properly eco-designed and managed, buildings can be veritable urban mines, from which the products and materials that make them up can be extracted, thus avoiding the need to exploit natural mines.

These resources can then be reused, refurbished or, if their condition does not allow it, used as secondary raw materials by manufacturers who integrate them into their manufacturing processes (upcycling). Ultimately, the recovered materials can be recycled or recovered for energy purposes.

Romulus centralises the supply of and demand for used resources, and, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence and Resource Manager, creates local ecosystems for recovery and reuse which, by convention (RICS, RE2020, ..), attribute a zero carbon emission value to all resources reused or refurbished.

Romulus features

(Reuse Of Materials Using Local Unitary Stakeholders)

  • Sharing, between stakeholders, of reusable deposits from their respective Pre Demolition Audits
  • Import of used deposits in mass with photos and information on the nature, quantity, location, availability, state of wear and demountability degree of these products
  • Declaration of Needs for Reuse on deposits from other partners
  • Receive offers and proposals for reuse ecosystems from partners interested in the available deposits
  • Calculation of environmental indicators (waste and CO2 avoided, water saved, economic balance) associated with each ecosystem
  • Access to a dedicated Resource Managemen Team managing the overall process and train all Romulus partners
Romulus sponsors

The Romulus offers for construction professionals

Romulus for real estate owners

(Social housing authorities, private owners, asset managers)
Which benefits?
  • Meeting the requirements of the GLA Circular Economy Statements and decarbonising assets
  • Maximising reuse and industrialising circular economy processes
  • Producing “Resource Outflow” indicators for nonfinancial reports
  • Producing the financial indicators of the European taxonomy
How to get involved?
For 4,000 excl. VAT/year you will get:
  • An unlimited number of deconstruction/demolition/redevelopment operations, and associated PDAs
  • An unlimited number of construction/renovation operations requiring reused products
  • An access for your staff and your partners
  • A mutualised Resource Manager to provide you with reuse ecosystems, and training courses
  • Access to a Circular Economy toolbox with methodologies, clauses, a library of passports, video tutorials, etc.
  • Access to the Quarterly Romulus Club

Take advantage of a negotiated rate of £2,500 excl. VAT/year!

If you are a member of one of the following organisations
(click on the logo to access the offer)

or Access to a discovery webinar for free, and ask all your questions

Romulus for project managers

(Architects, Designers, Reuse consultants, General contractors)
Which benefits?
  • Sourcing from the UK largest urban mine
  • Importing PDA and finding outlets for used resources from deconstruction projects
  • Producing indicators for monitoring reuse actions (waste and CO2 avoided, water saved, economic balance, etc.)
How to get involved?
Romulus is also designed to facilitate the work of the design and project management teams who have to meet the reuse requirements of the clients.
In response to this, Upcyclea is providing special offers which can be subscribed to online, and which entitle you to :
I am
Designer or Reuse consultant
  • Unlimited access to the Romulus urban mine for sourcing reusable products or secondary raw materials

  • A subscribe to myUpcyclea to maximize my reuse missions by making it possible to 1) publish my PDA in Romulus, 2) have an AI that matches my needs with my deposits, 3) have functions for monitoring reuse ecosystems and calculating the associated carbon and financial indicators

I am
Architect or General contractor
  • A unlimited access to the Romulus urban mine to source reusable products or secondary raw materials

  • A subscription to myUpcyclea to: 1) calculate, in 1 click, the circular signature of the site Scope 3 and RICS carbon footprints, degree of health, circularity and reuse rates, degree of demountability, residual economic value of the building, 2) to deliver the digital building materials bank to building owners

Romulus for Product Manufacturers

Which benefits?
Romulus is designed to facilitate the work to increase the proportion of recycled materials in your manufacturing process, or to offer reconditioned products.
In response to this, Upcyclea is providing special offers which can be subscribed to online, and which entitle you to :
  • Access an urban mine of used products and secondary raw materials coming from deconstructed/renovated buildings
  • Access the location of your used products to make take back/replacement bids to your end customers
  • Declare your secondary raw materials requirements in the urban mine
  • Register of your logistics partners (transportation pick-up, …)
  • Get 10 upcycling ecosystems managed by a dedicated Resource Manager
  • Get ESG indicators (waste and CO2 avoided, water saved, financial results) by ecosystem
  • Access a Library of 10,000 Digital Product Passports to characterise your products
  • Declare your own Digital Product Passports in the library (unlimited number, with rating by Upcyclea on demand)
  • Access to Noah, the reuse comparator portal
  • Import, sale and distribute your destocked or reconditioned products, on the Noah portal
  • Get your products ordered on Noah delivered by our network of partners
How to get involved?

Dozens of stakeholders take part in Romulus. And you?


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