Our History

Pure player of the economy

Upcyclea, pioneer of the circular economy since 2007!

Upcyclea was born from the merger of the start-up Upcyclea SAS and EPEA France, the French leader in Cradle-to-Cradle® consulting since 2007!

Its objective is to offer a complete and unique range of services enabling companies and territories to accelerate their transition to the circular economy and transform assets/buildings into digital material banks: sources of revenue rather than waste.

More than a company with a mission, a philosophy of life!

Christine Guinebretière and Eric Allodi, the co-founders of Upcyclea, believe that Man creates the world in his own image. Its future depends on an inner change, both individual and collective. For them, the crises they have experienced are rooted in unbridled consumption, a lack of awareness, a linear vision and a loss of meaning that reinforce individualism and withdrawal.

To reverse the trajectory, they are working, with their team, to change consciousness and transform practices towards a more just and harmonious future .

As a result, products/buildings, which today are too often a source of waste and CO2, must now have a positive footprint on health, the environment… and the economy. To move in this direction, territories and companies must imitate nature by creating collaborative and resilient ecosystems, capable of regenerating resources and creating more value and meaning.

They have therefore created myUpcyclea®, a revolutionary, intelligent & collaborative system that allows companies in the real estate and construction sector to consider their assets as resource pools, and to manage them in a circular way.

Thanks to its pioneering expertise in Cradle to Cradle® and to its circular resource management system, Upcyclea is equipped for the challenge of this century that will be decisive for future generations: to bring abouta world of infinite resources.

The services

An international bookshop
of circular passports


Calculation of environmental and economic indicators

An intelligent and collaborative system of
management of used resources

From Expertise to Collaborative Circular Resource Management System

At the beginning, the company was solicited for its expertise in circular economy
and for its advice on eco-design of buildings

Aware that support limits their power, Christine and Eric promote a paradigm shift in which the very notion of waste does not exist. They want to provide more accessible offerings to help more building actors manage their circular economy projects. They then decided to design a software that would synthesize the expertise of their engineers and allow construction industry players to be autonomous in the eco-design of their buildings: myUpcyclea®, the first Digital System for Circular Resource Management was born!

myUpcyclea® is the smart and collaborative system that enables building actors to decarbonize their activities and preserve resources through the circular economy, while generating revenue rather than waste.

With myUpcyclea®, building actors can know the exact composition of materials in order to make the best choices for their project based on the Circular Passports® of products. They can then inventory the materials present in each project, calculate its environmental impact (thanks to the Circular Signature®) and manage it as a materials bank to gradually decarbonize their real estate. myUpcyclea® also facilitates reuse by automatically matching needs and reusable resources using AI.

In a word, myUpcyclea® is disrupting the construction market with a system that finally makes the deployment of the circular economy on a large scale possible.

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