The Library of Digital
Materials Passports

Nearly 10,000 passports that describe the environmental performance of healthy and circular products

It is impossible to measure the ecological impact of a building without knowing precisely its components!

The Upcyclea library aims to facilitate the eco-design of circular buildings by providing free access to thousands of Materials Passports.

These passports are declared and managed by their manufacturers, and describe the composition, the non-toxicity, the recycled/biobased part, the next lives, the LCA, the labels, … of their products

Thanks to its advanced search engine, choosing the best product becomes easy!

The Upcyclea library is Cradle to Cradle® compatible, and is synchronised with all the international EPD databases.

Data qualified and rated by our experts

How are the products rated?

Passports are published free of charge, but the validity of the data is checked by Upcyclea’s experts before publication.

If they wish, manufacturers can request a rating for their passports, based on evidence they provide in a private area.

If the proof comes from a third party and meets the requirements, the passport receives one or more colored pictograms, depending on the criteria. If the proof is valid but self-declaring, the pictogram is grayed out.

If the product is Cradle to Cradle® certified, the level of certification (basic, bronze, silver, gold or platinum) is displayed.

The Carbon footprint and Circular Signature of a building

The information contained in material passports is used by myUpcyclea® to calculate a building’s Circular Signature®.

The Circular Signature® measures various CO2 footprints (embodied carbon, EN 15978, RICS, RE2020, …), the level of health, the degree of circularity and the share of reused, recycled and bio-sourced materials of a building or real estate portfolio, based on the products that make it up.

It also calculates the residual economic value of a building, based on recoverable revenues from the sale of used products or materials.

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