Add value to your pre demolition/deconstruction audit in 3 steps

Import in a few clicks your pre demolition/deconstruction audit into myUpcyclea®.

myUpcyclea® allows the digitization of inventories resulting from EDP diagnostics

The inventories thus digitized can be widely shared for consultation with internal and external actors who wish to reuse or recover secondary raw materials (such as product manufacturers)

Diagnostics ressources

myUpcyclea® offers you automatic matches between deposits and needs

Your partners consult the digitized deposits and declare their needs. myUpcyclea® also offers a public library of manufacturers’ needs for secondary raw materials. A map-based and advanced search facilitates the declaration of needs

Thanks to the principle of Circular Passports®, deposits and needs are characterized by attributes that allow the AI of myUpcyclea® to automatically establish correspondences between deposits and needs, and to propose recovery ecosystems

Manage the ecosystems of reuse or upcycling of the inventoried products

myUpcyclea® allows you to manage and trace ecosystems, to automatically calculate, for each ecosystem, the volumes of CO2 and waste avoided, the water balance, as well as the associated economic balances

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