Industrialize the circular economy
to maximize reuse
and decarbonize your housing portfolio

Rehabilitate your buildings by maximizing re-use

Maximize in-situ and ex-situ reuse on your projects, thanks to the REUSE formula of myUpcyclea®.

Design low-carbon housing and 0-waste

Design “material banks” and control their environmental impact, thanks to the Circular Signature® of the ECO-DESIGN formula of myUpcyclea®.

Decarbonize your housing stock

Measure and reduce the carbon footprint of your building stock, during successive constructions and renovations, thanks to the DECARBONATION formula of myUpcyclea®.

Manage your assets in Circular Economy

Manage, valorize and track your resources at the end of their useful life, through upcycling or reuse, thanks to the ecosystems suggested by the AI of myUpcyclea®, and obtain the associated environmental and economic balances

For several years, Upcyclea has been supporting us with its myUpcyclea® software on our deconstruction, rehabilitation and new construction projects in circular economy. Now we create digital banks of our projects and maximize reuse."


Director of Rehabilitation Projects

In-situ, Ex-situ: all reuse in one place

In addition to allowing the digitization of resources diagnostics and automatically establishing the correspondence between needs and in-situ deposits, myUpcyclea® offers the Noah® portal, which centralizes the deposits of reusable products ex-situ, offered by marketplaces and storage partners 

You will be able to consult the availability and the nature of thousands of products resulting from removal, reconditioning or destocking to maximize  and measure the reuse on all your projects

Demand the Circular Signature® for your buildings

Thanks to the Upcyclea Library and the Circular Signature® automatically calculated by myUpcyclea®, you control the exact composition of your building, and you measure its environmental performance. 0-waste, clean indoor air and low-carbon become concrete!

Now, not only do your homes have a positive impact on the environment, but they become healthier and more pleasant to live in for the occupants

Control the carbon footprint of your buildings with Circular Passports®.

With the Upcyclea Library of Circular Passports® (free access) rated by our experts, your project managers compare and choose the best products for your buildings, then import them into your myUpcyclea® Digital Bank

You know the exact composition of your fleet and you can calculate its global impact (Embodied Carbon, RE2020/ICconstruction, reuse rate, …) thanks to the Circular Signature® to decarbonize it over the course of construction/rehabilitation

With Resource Management, save money, not waste!

Manage your resources in the circular economy with myUpcyclea® :

  • List and manage your products/materials in a Digital Bank of Materials
  • At the end of use, choose the reuse or upcycling ecosystems among the proposed scenarios
  • Trace your ecosystems and measure their economic and environmental impacts
  • Declare your reuse needs and access partner platforms to maximize reuse and gradually decarbonize your housing portfolio

We transform the world together

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