Resource Management

Intelligent resource management in the circular economy

Easily add value to your
used resources

myUpcyclea®, the Circular Resource Management System, allows you to maximize the reuse and/or recycling of your used resources

The system is presented as a digital assistant that accompanies you in the management of your used resources within ecosystems suggested by an artificial intelligence

Access at a glance the data of your assets and local actors

Import your asset data into your Digital Materials Bank and access, at a glance, all your deposits, but also thousands of needs and transformations available locally to build value-added ecosystems

Identify the best valuation scenarios

Thanks to its matching algorithms, myUpcyclea® will suggest sources that correspond to the needs your Resource Manager wishes to meet

In the same way, once the deposits are identified, the algorithms propose a chain of processors who will deposit, massify, transport, transform, etc. these deposits in order to meet the quality expected by the recipients of the targeted needs

Track the value of your resources via the myUpcyclea® system

Build your ecosystem, reserve quantities of deposits or negotiate prices with processors

Ask for validation to the stakeholders of the ecosystem, chat if needed with them, make a quote to the actors who have needs and finalize the ecosystem

Once the ecosystem is “contractually” established, follow its progress and track the products and materials that will be delivered to the recipient of the needs

Calculate the economic and environmental balance

of your recovery operations