Asset manager
& real estate funds

Sustainable financing :
decarbonize your building stock
and preserve resources
thanks to the circular economy

Decarbonize your building stock and be "Net Zero Emissions" by 2050

Measure the carbon footprint* of your sites, and reduce it by managing your assets in a circular economy, thanks to the DECARBONATION formula of myUpcyclea®.

* Embodied Carbon & RE2020

Turn your assets into a source of income, not waste

Manage your real estate as a bank of valuable materials to generate new revenues and preserve resources, thanks to myUpcyclea®’s REEMPLOYMENT or DECARBONATION formulas

Offer new services to support your occupants' ESG approach

Offer a new range of services to help your occupants implement circular, healthy and low-carbon layouts, thanks to myUpcyclea®’s DECARBONATION formula

Produce CSRD reports for your buildings from 2024 onwards

Demonstrate your ESG commitment to your stakeholders, based on the health and environmental performance calculated by the Circular Signature® of the ECO-CONCEPTION formula from myUpcyclea®.

Our objective was to set up measurable KPI's linked to our design strategy. The circular signature of our new Ibis KAI concept is in fact becoming a benchmark and a prerequisite for future hotel room design projects operated by Accorinvest."


Construction Manager

Turn your assets into a source of income

In addition to environmental criteria, myUpcyclea® calculates the recoverable value of products/materials from maintenance or deconstruction operations. Taking into account the condition of the products, their dismantling potential and their market value, myUpcyclea® allows you to estimate the potential end-of-use revenues of your Materials Bank

Preserve resources and generate revenue with Resource Management!

Calculate yourself the potential economic surplus value of your building with our simulator

Enter your data and move the sliders below:

Goodwill calculation

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Survival value = residual economic value of building products in case of reuse/recycling
Rate of characterized products = % of products with circular passports (in mass)
Rate of circular products = % of products certified Cradle to Cradle® or equivalent (by mass)
The simulator calculates a non-contractual potential added value of the building
A real value is calculated by the Circular Signature® function of myUpcyclea®.

Communicate on your environmental commitments

The Circular Signature® of the myUpcyclea® system describes, for each site or real estate asset :

  • Its carbon footprint (Embodied Carbon, RE2020/ICconstruction)
  • Its degree of circularity (% by mass in reused products, recycled biosourced) and its rate of disassembly
  • Its level of health
  • Its residual economic value

These values will be used to fill in your CSRD reports, which will be mandatory from 2024 onwards

Use the circular economy as a lever for decarbonization

By managing your resources with myUpcyclea®, you can:

  • Inventory and manage your products/materials in the myUpcyclea® digital bank of your sites, and measure their Circular Signatures®.
  • At the end of the product’s life, recover it through reuse or upcycling ecosystems, according to the scenarios proposed by myUpcyclea®.
  • Maximize the reuse of products in situ thanks to the algorithms of correspondence between needs and deposits resulting from EDP diagnostics
  • Maximize the reuse of ex-situ products by accessing thousands of products offered by Upcyclea’s marketplace and resourceries partners
  • Automatically calculate the environmental and economic balance of recovery operations

Support your occupants' ESG approach

Your employees and those of your occupants are looking for quality places that preserve their health and the planet

Offer your occupants ” verts ” leases that include eco-design and Resource Management for their facilities, and help them join an ambitious ESG approach like yours.

A great way to stand out from the crowd !

We transform the world together

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