Valuation indicators

Measure the value
of your resources at the end of use

myUpcyclea® allows you to automatically calculate the environmental and economic balance of your reuse or upcycling ecosystems

From the ecosystems managed by your Resource Manager, you can obtain the volume of waste and CO2 avoided, the water balance, as well as the savings or revenues generated

4 indicators to measure your positive impacts!

The waste balance (in kg): it corresponds to the mass of waste avoided thanks to the ecosystem

The CO2 balance (in kg eq CO2): this is the balance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the ecosystem. A CO2 emission is counted positively, while avoided CO2 will be counted negatively

The water balance (in L): this is the water consumption avoided thanks to the ecosystem

The economic balance (in €): this is the sum of the costs and revenues of the ecosystem. Thus, the economic balance will be positive if the ecosystem has, overall, generated income for the owner of the deposit, and negative in the opposite case

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