Noah®, the Ark of Reuse

Compare thousands of reusable, destocked and reconditioned products available in France and the Benelux countries.

Noah®, the re-use portal

Noah® is a search engine that lets you compare thousands of reusable, destocked or reconditioned products available throughout France and the Benelux countries, in just a few clicks.

With the profusion of marketplaces and offers for reusable products, Noah® simplifies your search by allowing you to centralize and easily access the best offers on the market. Thanks to its search engine and comparison functions, Noah® helps you choose the best products, based on price, distance and environmental impact.

A 100% free search engine

Noah® is not a commercial site. It’s a free search engine and comparator of re-use offers. Once you have selected an offer, you leave the Noah® website and are redirected to the partner’s website, where you can book or pay.

An independent, objective comparator...

With Noah®, no partner is privileged. Search results are automatically ranked according to their relevance to the request. However, you can adjust this ranking according to several criteria: price, environmental performance, location… Sponsored offers are also clearly identifiable.

which assesses the environmental impact of the products being compared

(1) CO2 avoided is calculated from the carbon footprint of new product production and end-of-life management, which are thus avoided through reuse. If the production footprint of the new product is negative, it is not taken into account.

(2) The water saved is calculated from the water used in the production of the new product and its end-of-life management, which is thus avoided through reuse.

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