Property & Facility Manager

Help your customers increase
the environmental and economic value
of their real estate assets

Help your customers generate revenue, not waste

Manage real estate as a bank of valuable materials to generate new revenues and preserve resources with myUpcyclea®’s DECARBONATION formula

Help your customers decarbonize their real estate

Reduce the carbon footprint of your real estate assets, by managing them in a circular economy, thanks to myUpcyclea®’s ECO-CONCEPTION or DECARBONATION formulas, and help your clients meet their “Net Zero Emissions” objectives before 2050

Help your customers maximize reuse

Facilitate reuse among your clients by managing their real estate resources, thanks to the REEMPLOYMENT formula of myUpcyclea®.

Help your clients meet their ESG objectives

Provide your clients with environmental indicators for their extra-financial reports (CSRD), thanks to the calculations of the DECARBONATION formula of myUpcyclea®.

Calculate the potential economic goodwill

In addition to environmental criteria, myUpcyclea® calculates the recoverable value of products/materials from maintenance or deconstruction operations. By taking into account the condition of the products, their dismantling potential and their market value, myUpcyclea® allows you to estimate the potential end-of-life revenues of your customers’ Material Banks

Generate new revenues for your customers with Resource Management!
Enter your data in our simulator, and move the sliders below:

Calcul Survaleur

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Survival value = residual economic value of building products in case of reuse/recycling
Rate of characterized products = % of products with circular passports (in mass)
Rate of circular products = % of products certified Cradle to Cradle® or equivalent (by mass)
The simulator calculates a non-contractual potential added value of the building
A real value is calculated by the Circular Signature® function of myUpcyclea®.

Deploy a new business line to your customers: Resource Management

myUpcyclea® offers a number of resource management functions that allow you to :

  • Inventory and manage the products/materials of your clients’ buildings (new or renovated), and measure their Circular Signatures®.
  • At the end of the product’s life, recover it through reuse or upcycling ecosystems, according to the scenarios proposed by myUpcyclea®.
  • Automatically calculate the economic and environmental balance of recovery operations
All these operations allow you to measure and gradually decarbonize the real estate assets you manage

In-situ, Ex-situ: all reuse in one place 

In addition to allowing the digitization of your inventories or EWP diagnostics, and to automatically establish the correspondence between needs and in-situ deposits, myUpcyclea® offers the Noah® portal which centralizes the deposits of ex-situ reusable products, proposed by the marketplaces and the partner resourceries

You will be able to consult the availability and the nature of thousands of products resulting from removal, reconditioning or destocking to maximize and measure the reuse on all your projects

Finally, measurable and verifiable indicators for your clients' non-financial reports

The new CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) is mandatory from 2024 for companies with more than 500 employees

With its Circular Signature® and its Ecosystem Indicators, myUpcyclea® allows to automatically calculate about ten KPIs related to the carbon, health and circular performance of a building or a real estate portfolio.

We transform the world together

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